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Jesse Stone MoviesThe Jesse Stone movies are adapted from a series of novels written by Robert B. Parker. Currently, the movie series have been exclusively acted according to nine books that narrate a fictional detective story. The novels are entirely based on the Jesse Stone character, a role which is played by the world famous actor Tom Selleck. Tom has excellently acted out and depicted Jesse Stone since the movie production began. His character and movie roles were entirely based on the novel until the fourth movie, when the script writer came up with a script that slightly differs from the novel. This was a measure meant to make the movies more interesting and captivating.

Tom was transcendently suited to act as Jesse Stone especially since his real life closely resembled that of the latter. In the novel, Jesse Stone is a senior police chief, a role which entails operating of guns. Tom, on the other hand, had been a soldier, shooter and a firearm enthusiast in his real life.

Jesse Stone is a 35 year old individual who lives an interesting but calm life. He has everything going his way until he gets on his shoulder for playing league baseball. His misfortunes increase further after his wife leaves him and he turns to heavy alcoholism to forget his sorrows. Because of his drunkenness, he is forced to quit his job as a homicide detective for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Interestingly, Stone later goes for an interview drunk seeking the position as the chief in Paradise, Massachusetts. Contrary to the story expectations, the town council hires him since he is a drunk and would be easily controllable to suit the interests of the council. On being hired, Stone is inexplicably engrossed in his job and he is determined to counter the high crime rate within the town. Interestingly, he does not bow to the council’s occasional demands and he goes as far as publicly accusing and arresting the council’s chairman for corruption.

The Jesse Stone movies are entirely based on his life as he struggles to balance his alcoholism and serious detective work. Stone meritoriously develops in his career and he becomes a darling to the police department, which directly protects him from being sacked from his position by the town council. The law breakers obviously loathe him while the town residents cooperate with him to curb crime.

Tom SelleckThe storyline in the movies change after the fifth movie after Tom Selleck takes up the script-writing responsibilities. All the movies prior to this were entirely based on the novel narration. However the fifth and other consecutive movies divert from the novel story line. This was a controversial decision made by the two script-writers but the viewers received it well especially after watching the fifth movie. Contrary to the previous movies, the fifth one was not predictable at all, even to people who have read the novels. Selleck and Brandman basically built more interest in the movies especially among the novel readers since they would be curious to watch a different version of the story.

Based on the Selleck and Brandman’s storyline, Stone later loses the job as the police chief after the town council completely fails to control him. To avoid any public outcry and possible demonstration, the council termed his sacking as ‘early retirement’. Therefore, Stone qualifies for all the retirement perks like pension band a firearm license. The town council chairman sacks him as a strategy to place his so-in-law as the new police chief. Stone does not take his ‘early retirement’ lightly and he is determined to go back to the police force. His expertise in the field even earns him consultation assignments in his retirement.

Although the movies are different, their storylines are connected to give a continuous story on the life of Jesse Stone. The movies, in their order of release, are as follows:

Stone ColdJesse Stone: Stone Cold
(Released on 20th of February 2005)

In Jesse Stone is hired as the police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts. One is his first cases is a murder and rape case. As he is focusing on a single murder case, more are committed with the same style, which prompts him to start investigating on a possible serial killer. The movies are based on his search for the killers behind the series of murders and his work is made more difficult by the lack of adequate intelligence to effectually catch the killers. Click here to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - Night PassageJesse Stone: Night Passage
(Released on 15th of January 2006)

This is a prequel to the prior movie, ‘Stone Cold’. Jesse Stone is sacked from his detective job at the Los Angeles Police Department after drunkenness on duty. He moves to Paradise Massachusetts along with his dog. Fortunately, he is re-employed into the police force after Hastings, a counselor, invites him to substitute Chief Lou Carson. During his first days on the job, he hits an abusive husband, Joe Genest, after he fails to respect a restraint order. Later Lou is killed and Stone launches an investigation with Hastings and Joe as the prime suspects. Click here to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - Death In ParadiseJesse Stone: Death in Paradise
(Released on 30th of April 2006)

It was released on the same year as the previous movie. Stone is still on his job as the Police chief. The movie is mainly based on an investigation that he launches after the murdered body of a fourteen year old girl is found close to a river. Jesse struggles with the separation from his ex-wife and alcoholism. Click here to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - Sea ChangeJesse Stone: Sea Change
(Released on 22nd may 2007)

Stone’s marriage starts worsening and he begins relapsing into alcoholism. Meanwhile, to keep himself busy, he works on a series of crimes, including an unsolved murder from 12 years earlier of a bank teller during a robbery. After more clues emerge, the case becomes more complicated than first thought. Click here to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - Thin IceJesse Stone: Thin Ice
(Released on 1st march 2009)

Stone’s rivalry with the council increases after continuous defiance. Despite the jeopardy on his job, he continues investigating various crimes. A cop friend is shot while visiting Boston and risks everything to solve the case. Jesse follows his strong morals while surrounded by shady ethics and corruption. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - No RemorseJesse Stone: No Remorse
(Released on 9th May 2010)

No Remorse picks up shortly after the events in Thin Ice. Shorty after being suspended by Paradise town council, Jesse works as an investigations consultant for the Homicide commander to look into a series of murders in Boston.  The clues lead to mob boss Gino Fish who might know more. Click here to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - Innocents LostJesse Stone: Innocents Lost
(Released on 22nd may 2011)

Paradise gets a new chief who is the council Chairman’s son-in-law. Stone on the other hand, primarily works on an investigation on the death of his friend.  Jesse tries his best to recover from his drinking problems and from being forced out of the Paradise police force. This is an original story co-written by Tom Selleck. Click here to order from Amazon.

Jesse Stone Movies - Benefit of the DoubtJesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt
(Released on 20th may 2012)

The chief and an officer that had earlier been sacked by Stone from the force are murdered by being blown in their car, while responding. The Jesse Stone movies find an interesting twist here after Stone is reemployed as the chief to use his transcendent investigation skills to solve the murder case. Click here to order from Amazon.

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